Our Mission

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The BreakAway Learning Project aims to inspire millions of bright young people to break away from standardized education, discover their intrinsic interests and talents, and take confident agency in navigating toward their unique learning and professional goals.

In order to achieve this, we are working to:

  1. Empower teens to create and track their own learning plans based on their emerging interests and talents. Connect teens as much as possible with free and low-cost online resources for individualized learning.

  2. Enable the emergence of mentored learning clusters at the community-level, such that mentors with specialized knowledge, leadership and passion for learning may convene similar-interested teens, setting times, locations and fees flexibly. It is understood that teens work with more enthusiasm when they share pursuits with their peers, compare ideas, identify best courseware, and nudge each other along toward greater achievement. It is also understood that high quality mentorship is a key to learning.

  3. Expand an online marketplace of fee-based chat as a massive database of perspectives, knowledge and experience. We believe that the core of learning is human conversation.

  4. Expand corporate-sponsored student competitions, so that young people may be recognized for innovative thinking around current problems.

  5. Over several years, to massively scale-up cluster learning as an alternative to traditional education.

  6. To demonstrate, by result of our project, that students demonstrate greater motivation and ownership of the learning process, and market readiness for what follows.

In this respect, we measure our progress not only by the number of users signing-up for Break-Away Learning online, but also the number of learning clusters convened, number of chat-providers offering chats, and our students’ own assessment of their Motivation, Ownership and Market-Readiness, according to our monitoring tool.

We believe that teens should spend most of their time pursuing what inspires them most.