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Afghan Woman Entrepreneur: My Story #Afghan # Afghanistan # woman # entrepreneur # enterprise # Kabul # feminist # empowerment

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What does it mean to be an Afghan woman in Kabul today? What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Afghanistan has been through so much since I was born, but in addition to conflict, I have seen opportunities. I want to share these with you and deepen your understanding of Afghan women. I will share with you first-hand experience of Afghan women entrepreneurs, challenges they faces in their communities, and the growing number of success stories. When an Afghan woman succeeds, she is not the only one reaping benefits. I'll show you how successful women increase their families' incomes, change social norms, and improve the economic, health and social prospects of their children.

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My Philosophy

I have had the good fortune to study outside of Afghanistan and view my country from the outside. Being an international student opened my eyes to the biases and misconceptions with which other people view my country. That's why I believe that it's so important to share my experience.

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