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18 USD / 30 Minutes

When work, travel, and frequent moves make it difficult to establish a relationship with a therapist, small problems can grow into larger ones. Too many families put off therapy as a luxury for another time, but the time is now! Let me help you make therapy easy, accessible, and personal. Whether you're on the road or at home, alone or with your partner or children, I am ready to listen, guide and help you through difficult times. Get in touch for a 30-minute chat to get to know me, and if you think I can help you further, consider connecting for 60 minutes. I speak English, Russian, and Kyrgyz.

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Our psychological and social health is just as important as strong bones and healthy bodies, but we often don't treat it that way. I believe the route to psychological health begins with dialogue, recognizing who we are, and having a vision of where we want to go. I have helped many families to recover from trauma and loss, rise up from painful divorce and separation, recover from substance abuse, and live through depression and stress. I combine Western medical approaches and Asian traditional methods of healing to help the whole patient on the road to good health.

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