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Silk Road fabric design on todays Rudaki Blvd #graphic design #art #artist #fabric #sewing #embroidery #Tajikistan

5 USD / 30 Minutes

Why was the Silk Road coveted by traders for centuries? Rich embroidery, brightly dyed silks, patterned felt cut-outs, elaborate head-dresses. And let's not forget beautiful women, luxurious braids of hair, dark eye brows. This is an artistic journey into graphic and fabric design reminiscent of the Silk Road. Bring colored pencils and a sketch book, photos or links to clothing and accessory design that you will like to imitate or improve upon. I'm ready to work with you to inspire and assist your designs.

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My Philosophy

Women are beautiful, and their flowing dresses, long hair and accessories provide a canvas for beautiful designs. The Silk Road is still alive today, and I look forward to taking you there.

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