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Fighting Ebola: Lessons from the frontlines #Ebola #Sierra Leone #epidemic #public health #virus #contagion #hygiene

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To many outside of West Africa, thinking of Sierra Leone or Guinea might call to mind Ebola. But how many really understand Ebola? And beyond the scary images, what have we learned from the recent outbreak? I am a committed public health advocate, social mobilizer, and educator, and I have spent the past several years training and supervising field teams to beat back this virus in Sierra Leone. Let me share with you the experience from the field, the lessons about Ebola in particular, and about public health advocacy in general. I look forward to sharing and learning!

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My Philosophy

Public health is a manifestation of how communities function. If we can communicate better, pass right information, recognize and learn from bad practices, adapt and improve, then we can become stronger than the infectious diseases that have plagued our country.

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