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Public Health Advocacy in Sierra Leone: Why one small country matters for everyone #Sierra Leone #public health #health communication #epidemic #hygiene #nutrition #hand-washing

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Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa with mineral wealth that should put us at the top of global health rankings. But instead we are near the bottom, with high rates of maternal and infant mortality. My country has struggled with malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition, early pregnancy, and Ebola. Why is this so? What can be done to change it? And why is this important for you in a faraway city? In this chat, I will discuss why health advocacy matters in Sierra Leone, and I'll like to learn about healthcare in your community, too.

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My Philosophy

It takes social and behavioral change to improve health outcomes. If we can communicate better and engage communities, then we can pass on the right messages, learn from empirical evidence, recognize and change bad practices. If we can do this, we can become giants, and will overcome the health challenges that have plagued our communities and the world.

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