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Will Math be the Future for Afghan Girls? #Afghanistan #girls #mathematics #math #algebra

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When I headed to university, my parents encouraged me to focus on something practical. Real skills will find work and better opportunities, they said. I still believe it, and want to share my experience tutoring mathematics with Afghan girls these past few years. I can help you along with math, too! Have you reached the limit of what you can calculate on your fingers, and get confused in the process of solving longer problems? If your answer is yes, then let me make it easier for you.

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Math is not only a fun subject, but can also help your mind to expand the power of thinking and reasoning. You just need to find the right method to learn it. I believe studying math gets easier if one tries to go beyond the calculation process, see the hidden logic behind it, and discover its practical usage in daily life. The first rule is to stop thinking about math as uninteresting and illogical.

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