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What would Basho (the most famous Japanese poet in Edo period) have told to Gamzatov (the most famous poet in Avar language) if they had met each other? Compared many resemblance and disparity of them, I would like to share my opinions with you. If you are a Literature scholar, I would love to hear your feedback and percept on this subject. If you are a book lover, you should have a discussion with me about how these eminent poets can influence your reading interest in the future. If you just accidentally click to my profile, let me take you to this splendid Literature world.

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My Philosophy

I believe Literature belongs to everybody in the world. For me, there is no ‘named-gap’ between a Literature scholar and a person interested in reading books. Moreover, in my country, Literature and books are presumed to be dry literary compositions by many students: they are forced to learn by heart and analyze literary writings mechanically. Facing the truth, I want to prove that Literature is truly a subject which is worth to consider by hearts, not just reading a literal sense of words without any interest.

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