Dr Victor Fursov, Biologist, Beekeeper, TeacherCP | Kyiv,Ukraine English ,Ukrainian

Biology, Entomology & Microscopy (in English language) #entomology #microscopy #insects #honeybee #honey #apiary #evolution # Darwin

6 USD / 30 Minutes

1) We can talk about different subjects which are studied in the course of zoology and botany in school, college and University.
2) We can create and discuss laboratory experiments with small microscopic size animals which can be observed under microscope together on-line (after instructions).
3) We can discuss field experiments with insects, honeybees and other animals.
4) We can discuss life cycle and biology of honeybees, and benefit of honey and other beekeeping products for children and adults.
5) We can discuss practical questions of beekeeping, and how to do it with less time and more pleasure.
6) We can just sit and friendly talk about the nature and mine and yours personal experince in botany, zoology, nature conservation, nature field expeditions and so on.
7) We can talk about the nature, animals, plants and insects in Ukraine.
You will be able to make your proposals and preliminary appointments about future discussed subjects.

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My Philosophy

I like teaching biology, entomology, beekeeping for enthusiasts who are interested in biology and nature conservation.
I like to make field and laboratory experiments with insects, and tell students about methodology, observations and possible new discoveries.
I like to tell students about work with microscope and opportunites to observe different animals under high magnification..
I have visited 15 countries all around world, and I will be pleased to teach you, and share my experience in biology, entomology and beekeeping.
And, for sure, we can speak English together, or Russian, if you like.

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