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Art and Innovations in Beekeeping in Ukraine (in English language) #organic #farming #agriculture #honeybees # bees # hive # honey # beekeeping #beekeeper #apiary

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If you are a young student and just became interested in funny honeybees, I will be pleased to tell you more about their biology, life cycle, and benefit of honey and other beekeeping products in a simple, but creative and easy way.
Ukrainian beekeepers have unique beekeeping techniques which are wealky known but they are unique and can be extremely interesting for professional and amauters beekeepers in other countries. Ukraine is exporting a huge amount of honey abroad.
Ukrainian beekeepers are producing honey, wax, pollen, bee bread, Royal Jelly, homogenate of bee drone larvae, extract of wax moth larvae, queens for breeding, and honeybee packages.
Some Ukrainian beekeepers use innovative beekeeping techniques to encrease honey harvesting.
Ukrainian beekeeping innovations include effective Ukrainian beehives which can help honeybees to get a great honey harvest.
Do you want to know more about it?
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My Philosophy

I like teaching biology, entomology, beekeeping for enthusiasts who are interested in biology and nature conservation.
I like to make field and laboratory experiments with insects, and tell students about methodology, observations and possible new discoveries.
I like to tell students about work with microscope and opportunites to observe different animals under high magnification..
I have visited 15 countries all around world, and I will be pleased to teach you, and share my experience in biology, entomology and beekeeping.
And, for sure, we can speak English together, or Russian, if you like.

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