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Study Lead: Taxi Driver #transport #Lyft #Uber #rickshaw #tuk-tuk #taxi #business plan # business model

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From my hometown in Kabul to yours, taxi drivers are everywhere. It is the job of millions (mostly men) around the world, and seems to be the fall-back profession when jobs are scarce. Taxi driving is a colossal business, and ranges in sophistication from Uber to rickshaws, as we'll see in this Unit. But the business problem is the same-- how to optimize energy, gas, and time to maximize profitability? How to put oneself where the demand is? How to set the right price? Let's get started!

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My Philosophy

I have had the good fortune to study outside of Afghanistan and view my country from the outside. Being an international student opened my eyes to the biases and misconceptions with which other people view my country. That's why I believe that it's so important to share my experience.

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