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Why are the most beautiful daughters so stubborn about marriage? Why do the promises of fortune-tellers always have a catch? In the world of folktales, it's possible to be swallowed whole, to transform completely, to be as large as a mountain or as small as a pea. Maybe that's why folktales are the perfect food for children's imagination. They are also the reflection of our anxieties and fixations. Whether you're 4 or 84, let's enjoy these stories together!

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My Philosophy

I believe Literature belongs to everybody in the world. For me, there is no ‘named-gap’ between a Literature scholar and a person interested in reading books. Moreover, in my country, Literature and books are presumed to be dry literary compositions by many students: they are forced to learn by heart and analyze literary writings mechanically. Facing the truth, I want to prove that Literature is truly a subject which is worth to consider by hearts, not just reading a literal sense of words without any interest.

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