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The Kings Son and the Fairy, a Dari folktale #Afghanistan #folklore #story-telling #Persian #Dari

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When the blind old king asks his three sons who shall succeed him to the throne, the first two greedily vie for the spot, while the third is turned away, unwanted. Sent down a lonely path in the woods, he arrives at a tower from which a fairy hangs by her hair. Rescuing her, she warns that upon three roars, a demon will come to fight him. I'll tell this winding plot in Dari, then in English, if you can hang on.

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My Philosophy

Dari is a sweet language, with beautiful poems and songs. Dari, Persian and Tajik are very close in written form. They are almost the same, but with different accents. I'm from Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan, in the north near the borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. (Check me out on Google Maps!) It's a place where these languages run together, and our literature is beautiful.

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