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Theres no truth, but we must move on, or move away #Ukraine #internally displaced #conflict #propaganda #fake news #lies #reconciliation

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I am a Crimean native relocated to Kyiv since 2014, when my region of Ukraine was annexed by Russia. I'm not alone-- there are thousands like me who have lost their homes, their assets, their jobs, and faced the tough choice either to accept the Russian passport, or to abandon everything and leave. We are living without reconciliation, without truth. Even the circumstances under which pro-Russian protesters suddenly appeared in our streets is discredited in media, as the world accepts untruths.

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Inside of every person are the ingredients for courage, originality, and leadership. Sometimes our environment suppresses them, or we tell ourselves that we can't possibly take a risk--those are the easy, lazy times. Other times we are under attack, threats on all sides, and then we must find that strength inside and trust it and put it to use.

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