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Low-income people generate less waste, but dispose poorly #recycling #contamination #unregulated #disposal #poverty #pollution #trash

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With more than a third of its population living below the poverty line, and huge areas of uninhabited land, Tajikistan would not seem to be facing a waste disposal problem. But it’s precisely this careless attitude that has brought about the solid waste problem in our cities today. In Dushanbe, only half of our trash is dumped in official landfills; waste isn’t sorted and recycling is hardly seen. Because waste removal is somewhat a luxury, people are dumping everywhere.

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For me, learning about business and commerce has meant opening my eyes wider. All around us people are engaged in a hundred tiny transactions all the time-- from the clothes and makeup we choose to wear, to the moment of checking Facebook, sending a message, throwing a cup in the trash. Unconsciously, we are choosing what is attractive, easy, useful for us at that moment, creating industries--and sometimes big problems.

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