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A nearly deadly ride, but the only choice for most #Kenya #matatu #road safety #traffic #ride-hailing

5 USD / 20 Minutes

Hold your breath when you ride a matatu for the first time. Not only because you are pressed so closely together, but also as you swerve and race around potholes, narrowly missing buses and trucks, on Nairobi's pock-marked roads. A driver, a fee-collector, and a ride-hailer work in tandem to eek out a living in this very dangerous, but desperately needed transport. Let's ride and talk and learn why every day is a narrow-escape in Nairobi.

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but I think necessity and observation are the parents together. Without carefully observing, we are apt to try the same thing again and again-- maybe faster or with more money. But when we really stop to observe and consider, then something new is born.

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