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In Kenya there are as many head-covers as ethnic groups #Kenya #religion #head-covering #abaya #kanga #sitara #bui bui

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Kenya is a multi-religious, multi-ethnic country whose capital looks more and more like the melting pots of the West. Among the Muslim community, there is diversity in head-covering just as there is diversity in practice of Islam. Town-dwellers or "wamiji" practice a different kind of Islam than rural-dwellers and other African Muslim groups like Digo, Taita, Kikuyu and Borana. Join me in to explore the head-coverings of Kenya!

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but I think necessity and observation are the parents together. Without carefully observing, we are apt to try the same thing again and again-- maybe faster or with more money. But when we really stop to observe and consider, then something new is born.

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