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Hand-washing, meals and toilet paper in a Kabul hospital #Afghanistan #Kabul #health #hygeine #medical #hand-washing #hospital

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With one of the weakest health systems in the world, Afghanistan has a long way to go, and infectious disease is the leading killer. Tuberculosis, cholera, meningitis and other communicable diseases could be prevented, but aren’t. Is money the only problem? Come with me into some of our clinics and hospitals, where we’ll take a look at incentives, behaviors, instruments and training. What is really going on here, and how will we get better?

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It would be convenient to import solutions from some other place, and I guess that’s what international aid workers are hoping to do. But there is no other place like this place. I’ve got to see that as an opportunity, because it means every solution will need to be dreamed up and built from scratch. We can compare and learn, but we must build solutions ourselves.

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