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Rough taxi riding through Kabul corruption #Afghanistan #Kabul #taxi #transport #road safety #traffic

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Taxi riding in Kabul has become associated with the worst kinds of corruption and inefficiency. Satirists created a Facebook page @taxikabul mocking Afghanistan’s corrupt officials and flawed policies through the view of a taxi-driver. The page became a real hit in August, when it was blocked for a month after criticizing the national security advisor. Let’s see what’s really happening behind the wheel of Kabul’s taxis, who is paying whom, where is the money going, bounce over potholes together.

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It would be convenient to import solutions from some other place, and I guess that’s what international aid workers are hoping to do. But there is no other place like this place. I’ve got to see that as an opportunity, because it means every solution will need to be dreamed up and built from scratch. We can compare and learn, but we must build solutions ourselves.

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