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Can faith-based organizations reconcile conflict in Tana Delta? #Kenya #tribe #religion #conflict #reconciliation #peace process #inter-faith

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Tribal and ethnic clashes in the Tana Valley in 2012, 2013 and 2015 have involved ethnic Pokomo, and later Giriama against Wardei and ethnic Somali versus Orma. The roots of their distrust stretch far back. But it's doubtful that externally-managed reconciliation will work. My multi-year community-level research emphasizes the need for stakeholder engagement, and the value of bringing faith-based organizations into the reconciliation process. Local people need be part of peace process.

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Kenya is changing fast, becoming wealthier, more populous, more diverse, more mobile. We need ideas that keep up with our changes. But the challenge seems to be knowing which methods to emulate and import, and which methods must be home-grown.

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