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Toxic dumping, payoffs and cover-up sickened thousands in Abidjan #Cote d'Ivoire #Abidjan #trash #waste #toxic #dumping #accountability

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A little-known story in the rest of the world is emblematic of how corruption and weak accountability go hand in hand with poor waste management, dumping, and ultimately public health problems. In 2006, an oil-trading company from Amsterdam, Trafigura Beheer, covertly dumped tons of hydrogen sulphide in open spaces around Abidjan. The toxic fumes killed 8 and sickened nearly ten thousand people. Now residents of my city are suing the company and demanding answers from our government.

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It’s amazing how quickly things change when a few activists and innovators build technologies, create new products, make an app, and suddenly something that used to be difficult becomes easy. Our country is changing fast, and I want to be at the head of that change.

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