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Cote dIvoire beats Uber to the app-based taxi, but woro-woros still cheapest #Cote d'Ivoire #taxi #ride-hailing #ride-sharing #traffic #driver

3 USD / 20 Minutes

The taxi business is changing as quickly and unexpectedly as the swerving woro-woros change lanes in busy Abidjan traffic. Most people are getting around by vehicle, and from the far-reaches of the city, that means riding in the inexpensive but falling apart woro-woros (mini-buses on established routes), or even shoddier gbakas (private buses). Orange city taxis were the better option, but drive erraticly and offer poor service. Now a new wave of Uber-imitators elbow in, some even offering wifi!

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It’s amazing how quickly things change when a few activists and innovators build technologies, create new products, make an app, and suddenly something that used to be difficult becomes easy. Our country is changing fast, and I want to be at the head of that change.

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