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Even after official ban, police use pipe-beating, electric shock and near asphyxiation to extract confessions #Afghanistan #human rights #interrogation #police #torture #terrorism #detention

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A 2015 UN Human Rights review of detainees in Afghan Government detention facilities revealed still-alarming prevalence of torture in interrogations, despite legal prohibition and an earlier Presidential Decree. Nearly a third of interviewed detainees reported severe beatings with pipes, cables and sticks, suspension, electric shocks, and near asphyxiation. Are laws and skills really the problem? Where will accountability come from?

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They say you should learn from your mistakes. But that assumes that you are noticing your mistakes, or calling out failures as failures, rather than rationalizing them. Afghanistan has so many decades of development to recover to catch up with our neighbors not only in building and buying things, but in establishing durable institutions that dignify human life.

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