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60% of Freetown households use pit latrines, slurry trucks carry to landfill #Sierra Leone #sanitation #sewage #waste #urban planning #hygiene #water #clean

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The civil war pushed more people into Freetown than the capital city was ready for, and now nearly two-thirds of households rely on pit latrines, as modern plumbing hasn’t reached most neighborhoods. Slurry trucks run by private companies circulate to empty the pits and dispose the waste into Kingtom Landfill, which is currently overflowing. The overflow runs through a connecting pipe to a tidal basin. Families living in informal dwellings along the connecting pipe face a deluge of waste.

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Health, hygiene and public accountability are intertwined. It’s not by accident that so many children die of diarrhea in countries where data is unreliable, infrastructure project bidding is rigged, politicians take kick-bags and water carries deadly microbes. Before the microbe attacked the child, it was corruption and impunity that attacked him.

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