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Genital cutting and early marriage go together in many tribes #Kenya #FGM #female genital mutilation #women #girls #child marriage #human rights

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In Kenya, early marriage and genital cutting are long-established traditions in many tribes. These practices are rooted in what communities believe in: a girl’s purity, cleanliness, bride-price. Only in recent years are questions raised about health impacts, risks to the girl’s body from intercourse and childbirth, and the broader social implications of girls’ stunted education and economic empowerment. To many, these concerns sound foreign. How can we help communities see things differently?

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Attitudes don’t change easily. When you’re on the outside, it’s easy to look at a tradition and say “That’s backwards!” But within your own culture and traditions, you hardly notice what you are yourself choosing, and what your community is choosing for you. The lines blur. So the real question is, how can we help communities become more self-conscious about the traditions they are practicing?

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