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My country gained her independence in 1991, but really steered toward democracy and Western governance in 2003. Relations with Russia deteriorated at the same time, and separatist groups in South Ossetia and Abkhazia sporadically attacked Georgian villages. During one week in August 2008, which our families will never forget, Russian military launched an invasion of so-called "peace enforcement" and cyber attacks on Georgia. We are moving forward, stronger and more determined than ever.

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My Philosophy

I believe that details matter, and as I am maximalist, I try to consider all the details that might be there. I've had enough experience in my life to tell you that even one word can make a significant change, thus it is crucially important to analyze what you need to say/do well before you say/do it.
Exactly because of those details and words that matter so much, knowing the languages is very important.

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